What better way to start a Sunday? It’s 6am and I am playing in the metal world. My ever loving wife took one look at the cover, spotted me heading to the DVD player and announced “Well, it’s time for my shower, Oh, and I have to wash my hair, let me know when you are done”.  Metal obviously is not her genre, her theory is if they have not played the Grand Ole Opry, they don’t exist!

I really like this DVD, it turned out to be not a concert, but a documentary about the birth of Metal,  Thrash, and Punk.

There was a huge problem in the British music scene in the late 70’s. The established bands had become demi gods, untouchable, and completely out of sync with their fans. Punk and Metal were the backlash. Punk was very much 3 chord disconchordent music joined with screaming. Metal and Trash took a different road. Yes it was loud, yes it was not well thought out, but it had heart.

Punk I have always likened to the ‘terrible two’s’, noisy for no reason. Whereas Metal and Thrash are the early teenagers, “noisy with a message”.

Aural Amphetamine explores many artists and bands, from Anthrax to Lemmy (Hawkwind), they all come under the microscope.

I like this DVD a lot, and if you are interested in a very pivotal period in the music industry, you should order your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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