If you are a thriller lover like I am then this DVD Armchair Thriller Set 2 set is for you. No one can do  a good thriller like the Brits do. This set will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. The suspenseful plots trace the stories of desperate people trapped in dire situations. The grimly riveting tales are based on novels by acclaimed authors.

These tales feature superb acting, eerie ambiance and twisting plots. The excellent casts include Michael Feast, Renee Asherson, and Maria Aitken.

Set 2 is a DVD 4-Volume Boxed Set with four mysteries that give you hours of entertainment with the run time being approx. 547 minutes total. The DVD set includes The Chelsea Murders (one DVD has 6 series versions and the other has a feature length version. The other two DVD’s include The Circe Complex and Quiet as a Nun.

On volume 1 of The Chelsea Murders there are 6 episodes. In episode 1 There are three murders in Chelsea with only one clue which is a poem mailed to the police before the latest crime. A reporter gets involved in looking for clues while the police look for some sort of connection. In Episode 2 a second letter arrives mocking the police with the identity of the next victim. Now they are wondering if the reporter who knows about the letters could somehow be involved. Episode 3 has the police zeroing in on a hard pressed filmmaking team. The killer attacks again but this time while dressed in a theater costume. In Episode 4 the authorities are getting really frustrated especially since one of their main suspects in the case gets attacked, Episode 5 has the police finding a video of the most recent murder and in Episode 6 the detective finally figure it out but the reporter finds herself in harm’s way to try and solve the case.

In volume 2 of The Chelsea Murders we have the feature length version as a movie that was aired in 1981. Both versions are included in this DVD set for tge complete viewing experience,

In volume 3, The Circe Complex we find six episodes which starts with Tom Foreman killing a policeman after he stole jewelry that is worth a lot of money. When he is caught he refuses to tell where he stashed the jewelry. Throughout the episodes Tom’s wife Val and the prison psychiatrist try locating the jewels trying to get more information from Tom who is refusing to talk. When they use an ex-con to help, things start to go very wrong. It is interesting to watch as the story unfolds and ends.

Volume 4, Quiet as a Nun is another British mystery in six episodes that has TV journalist Jemima Shore investigating the death of an old friend on hers who was a nun that starved herself to death in her convents tower. Shore has one num encouraging her to get away from the case while she can yet another encouraging her to continue. After hearing stories about an apparition that seems to haunt the hallways at night Shore goes off to look for the Black Nun. With her life in danger and the convents future at risk, Shore receives help from an unexpected source.

Armchair Thriller Set 2 debuts on DVD from Acorn Media on March 16, 2010. To get your copy of Armchair Thriller Set 2 just click on the Amazon link above and bring it into your home to enjoy.

Jan Barrett

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