Life in Hollywood always looks so glamorous to every day people. We see movie stars buying huge expensive homes. They wear expensive jewelry and clothes. They make everyone think how great it would be to be a star.

The problem is the price they have to pay to be where they are. What kind of pressures does a screen star have once the public eye is on them? They have to fight to keep up their image so the public doesn’t start looking the other way. The pressure usually gets so strong that most of them turn to drugs just so they can keep going.

Anna Nicole Smith was one like that. She loved the attention she got once her name became known. She thrived on others looking at her. She loved the camera. She was beautiful on the outside but the woman inside her was not so pretty. She was a woman trapped inside her own body by her dependency of the drugs.

Anna Nicole Smith – Her Final Hours is yet another of the Final 24 series that tells what the life of the star was like 24 hours before their death. Anna was in Miami Florida expecting to purchase a brand new yacht which they were going to bring back to the Bahama’s when she died.

Anna got sick with the flu which was going to delay the purchase of the boat. She was so sick she couldn’t even leave her motel room. She was running a fever of 105 but refused to go to the hospital because every time she went to a hospital the media flooded her privacy and she just wasn’t up to that now.

Anna was born on November 28, 1967 as Vikki Lynn Hogan. Her mother is Vergie Hogan, who helps in this film with some of the background of Anna’s life as a child. When she was 16 she started sneaking out of her house to meet with boys and soon her mother could no longer control her wild ways so she sent Anna to live with Anna’s Aunt. At one time Anna changed her name to Nikki Hart and appeared in a high school book only to soon quit school in the 9th grade. She started dancing on stage in provocative ways until her mother, who was with the police force, put a stop to that by threatening to give the owner of the club hell if he didn’t get rid of Anna as an employee.

Anna wanted to make a name for herself but she had it in her mind that she couldn’t get the attention she needed as long as she was flat chested so she spent about $14,000 on implants which helped make her feel better about herself. She went to a size 42 DD which was three times more than her normal size. Unfortunately the size of her breasts started causing her back problems so she started taking pain pills.

Five months before she died Anna was taking a potent mixture of valium, antidepressants and sleep medication. They would have to hide her medication from her because she was in so much pain and depressed that she would take too much. They said it didn’t matter if they did or didn’t give the medication to her, if she wanted it she would find a way to get it anyway.

Two days after the birth of her baby daughter, her son, Daniel, 20 years old, visited and the very next morning Daniel died of a drug overdose which devastated Anna. She was destroyed at the funeral where she went hysterical which caused her to have to be sedated.

While in her motel room on the night before her death, Anna’s psychiatrist had to leave her alone to attend to another patient which made Anna very uncomfortable. They said she couldn’t sleep and was up late watching TV. When she finally needed to sleep she somehow got hold of a potent drug that would help knock her out.

Anna not only had the flu but she was suffering from an intestinal infection and blood poisoning. She had a cyst like formed on her left buttock that was oozing yellow fluids apparently caused from injections she got with human growth hormone and Vitamin B12 to help her stop the aging process and to lose weight.

On February 8, 2007 even though as much time as possible was spent on trying to revive her Anna was pronounced at 2:49 pm. Later an autopsy report showed there was a presence of nine prescription drugs at therapeutic levels that were apparently taken all together. It was declared that she died from an accidental overdose but a lot of people wondered if it wasn’t suicide. Anna’s mother, Vergie says her daughter would never have taken her own life not on purpose and not accidentally.

Anna Nicole Smith – Her Final Hours tells a bit of the life she led along with all the tragedies she went through, the sad life that ended up costing her, her own life. The pressure of being a star is really not that glamorous after all. It tells what happened hours before her death in that motel room.

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We have created a partial list of the series.

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