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The plot is unique enough. Jimmy “Dodge” Connelly (George Clooney) is a struggling football player at the end of his game trying to keep the sport alive. He has played the game his whole life and honestly can’t make a living doing anything else. He gets the idea to “draft” a college sensation and WWI hero by the name of Carter “The Bullet” Rutherford (John Krasinski) in order to make a quick buck and rejuvenate his failing team. Lexie Littleton (RenÈ¥ Zellweger) is a tough skinned journalist trying to get the real story on this golden boy hero while staying one step ahead from a flirtatious Connelly. What forms is a triangle of sorts to see who will get the girl, the story and win in the end.

I hand it to Clooney and crew for the look and style of this film. It brought the 20’s to life with music and dress. Also, the innocence of the era and the war hero worship was genuine and brought a nice touch. That is what did work. A lot more did not. First, the language didn’t fit at all. I am not so naive that I don’t think people cursed in the 20’s but it was not displayed in the films of that era. Every time an expletive was used (though most are mild) it took me out of the moment. Also too many plot lines made it long and tedious. There was the football angle, the female reporter angle, the romantic triangle, and the Rutherford Hero angle. That is a lot for a comedy I think. Plus there are a couple of scenes that had the intention of 20’s comedy, like Laurel and Hardy, but came off silly when tossed in with everything else.

I did love Zellweger in this film. She is at her squinty best and has the ability to pull of this era perfectly. As the lone female cast member she holds her own nicely and is tough when she needs to be without jeopardizing her feminine charm. Krasinski on the other hand was the weakest link. I dig him on The Office and his clean cut persona made for a believable all American lad. But the scenes when he had to do more than smile or blush all feel flat. He isn’t a bad actor but I think along side George and RenÈ¥ his lack of experience showed.

Leatherheads is Rated PG-13 for brief strong language. It is considerably tame otherwise. But I as I mentioned the language was a little strong and totally unnecessary. Bottom line, this is a funny movie that may seem less funny due to the length. It may be better enjoyed on your couch than a crowded theater. Most will enjoy the chemistry and humor and if you just HAVE to see a romantic comedy it isn’t a terrible choice. Just be aware that it is not nearly at the top of the game it could be. I give it 3 out of 5 loss of downs.

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