Rock-a-Billy, Country, and Bluegrass all came from the simple form of story telling by music and modern Country and Western music has its roots in the folk songs of the rural south and the cowboy music popularized by the singing cowboys of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. The America’s Music Legacy series was recorded 1983-85 and produced by 20TH Century Home Entertainment. It showcases the musical legends performing the songs that continue to attract and entice the whole world, because they truly are the best of all that is America.

America’s Music Legacy: Country and Western was filmed at Knott’s Berry Farms in Buena Park, Ca. and is hosted by Gene Weed. It features performances by Razzy Bailey, Patti Page, Moe Bandy, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ricky Skaggs, and many more.

WOW talk about bringing back some memories! This DVD really did that for me. I am from the south and I grew up with some of this music and I am proud to say I did. Quatum Leap has once again brought us a great DVD. American Music Legacy showcases the musical legends performing the songs that continue to attract and entice the whole world because they are truly the best of all that is America.

We have the director and host, Gene Weed welcoming everyone to the show as he gives everyone a little history about each of the guest artists before bringing them out on stage.

The first one he introduces is a new performer back then, Sylvia, who sings Drifter and The Matador.

Razzy Bailey stirs the audience as he sings Lovin` Up a Storm, She Left Love All Over Me, and Nightlife. Razzy made his first recording at the age of 10 and kept on going.

Eddie Dean performs Wagon Wheels, One Has My Name and (Tex Ritter’s big hit done in his honor) Hillbilly Heaven.

Doug Kershaw, a Louisiana born man, sings songs from my heart. He lets loose with Diggy Diggy Li Diggy Diggy Lo, Jambalaya (I was raised on a bayou so I always enjoy listening to this one), and he shows his talent with the fiddle as he sings Louisiana Man.

Gene Weed introduces Patti Page who gave her first performance in 1948 and has become a total success since. She gives an outstanding performance with On The Road Again, Release Me, No Aces, Gentle On My Mind and Tennessee Waltz, which really touched me. She sings it perfectly.

Moe Bandy sings The Rodeo Clown, Take Me Back To Yesterday Once More (I do like this one too), Cowboys Ain’t Suppose To Cry and It’s a Cheatin` Situation.

I liked the introduction for “The Killer” Jerry Lee Lewis, another one from my home state Louisiana, who comes out and sings I’m Rockin` My Life Away, I’m Walkin` At The End of The Road, I Trusted You, Great Balls of Fire (no one can sing this one like Jerry Lee Lewis). The man can really play that piano even uses his feet at times.

Gene Weed brings out Terry Gregory singing the legendary song Marie Lavoe and  Can’t Say Goodbye.

Ricky Skaggs comes out singing Get Your Heart Broke, You May See Me Walking and I’m Crying My Heart Over You.

As an extra treat Terry Gregory comes back out again singing Stand By Your Man. I remember sitting in front of the record player listening to this one by Tammy Wynette when I was a teenager.

Then Jerry Lee Lewis returns singing You Belong To Me, Memphis Tennessee, A Whole Lot of Shakin` Goin` On (I don’t know anyone can sit still while listening to this, even Jerry Lee had to stand up and shake it and as he traditionally does, he kicks the bench out of his way) and then for the final song he sings Good Golly Miss Molly. He sure knows how to give a great performance.

I really enjoyed watching America’s Music Legacy: Country and Western. I like the way Gene Weed gave us a little history of all the performers. I learned a little about each of them that I never knew before. I have to admit that a few of the songs performed during this concert I had never heard before but I do love listening to them.

This DVD, America’s Music Legacy: Country and Western runs for 120 minutes but trust me if you like this genre of music then you would want this DVD. You can click on the Amazon link above to buy it. I don’t think you will be sorry. I know it will stay with my collection of DVD’s that I really enjoyed.

Jan Barrett

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