I am a believer that newer is not always better. American Reel was put in the can in 2003. It is an odd twist of fate that American Reel languished, unnoticed. David Carradine is hardly a name unknown in the movie and TV world. But, languish it did.

What makes American Reel different from the roles that Carradine was famous for is that it truly is completely different. People think of him as being the Martial Arts guy. Few people, myself included, knew that he was also a very accomplished singer and songwriter. The music used on American Reel was composed and performed by Carradine. And a very good job he does!

I asked my Wife to add her thoughts:

Imagine struggling for 20 years to make a song you wrote become a success. That is what singer/songwriter James Lee Springer did.

American Reel is a musical drama set in the dizzying whirl of fame at the heights of the music business starring David Carradine as Springer, Michael Maloney as Jason Fields and Mariel Hemmingway as Disney Rifkin.

Springer struggles throughout the years as he tries making his music a success until finally the day comes where the prospect of becoming an overnight success hits him. Although Springer’s talent seems genuine, he does seem to have a problem getting along with the record executives that could either make or break his career.

Now he needs to take the advice from his longtime manager and best friend, Jason, in order to finally get the big break here. He learns that making his way to fame, comes with a mighty high price to pay.

Now that his record has made it to the top of the charts, in Springer’s mind he would just rather let his musical vision and talents lead the way, but his manager has a whole other idea of what it will take in order to keep him there. Disney says her job is to keep him from getting depressed.

American Reel features songs written and performed by David Carradine. It touches the mind and the heart in the way that it asks, “When your dream finally comes true, is it still worth it?”

You can watch the trailer for American Reel below.

If you want to get your own copy of American Reel you can click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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