If you are a Howard Stern fan, you will want this one, Kenneth Kallenbach is one of the staples in the Howard Stern stable. Stern plays the Shock Jock, and KKK plays the Shock Comic. His favourite gig seems to be stand-up improv with an audience of one! Armed with a microphone and cameraman Kenneth sets out to engage the ‘man in the street’ in various unlikely conversations, most of which have a tendency to end acrimoniously.

This is not sophisticated humour, but it is funny in parts. Early on in the DVD we meet Kenneth playing the part of Superman and he is watching the news on TV, there is War and Pestilence abundant in the world, but a local story catches his eye, there is a cat stuck in a tree. Donning his Superman outfit Kenneth sets out to rectify the situation. His solution of course is a little off the wall. Being Superman, and possessing super powers, he selects a unique solution to the problem. Shake the damn tree till the cat falls out! Of course the story does not end there; the poor cat ends up unconscious in the middle of the road, and then gets run over! Yes, this is slapstick humour, and subtle it is not.

If you have a teenager in the household, and they enjoyed Dumb and Dumber, pick this DVD up, you will keep them out of trouble for an hour and a half. If you are not quite ready to break down and buy this DVD you can get a flavour of it from his web site.

Simon Barrett


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