Rock and Roll grew from the melding of Black Rhythm and Blues with Country and Western. This mixture was so volatile that several southern congressmen went on record stating that Rock and Roll was a plot to destroy American values by encouraging race mixing, Rock and Roll originally was predominately in black areas, but started out being labeled as rebellious, primitive, black music until white artists such as Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper introduced Rock and Roll to the mainstream youth in the early 1950’s. Their influence along with others began the first true multi-racial and multi-cultural movement in America.

When I was a pre-teen and a teenager I loved music. Basically I liked Country and Western music but I also liked Rock `n Roll too. Today if I am asked what kind of music I like my answer would be Country and the Oldies. The Oldies to me is none other than the good old fashion Rock `n Roll.

This DVD America’s Music Legacy – Rock `n Roll is brought to us by Quantum Leap and they have put together an awesome DVD with a great list of artists performing some of the best Rock `n Roll you could imagine filmed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1985.

To name a few guests, Lou Christie, Leslie Gore, The Coasters and Chubby Checker, Bo Diddley and lots more. Fabian is the host of the show and he starts the concert out singing “Old Time Rock and Roll”

Second on stage is The Coasters singing Poison Ivy as their opening song. Other songs include Searching (1957), Charlie Brown (who could ever forget this one) and Yakety Yak.

Third on stage is Lou Christy who performs I’m Gonna Make You Mine, Two Faces Have I, and Lightin` Strikes. Christy does an appealing closing dance with Lightin` Strikes, I wish I had his energy.

Gosh next was Leslie Gore singing some of my all time favorites including Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows, It’s My Party (1963 which is the first one she ever recorded) and You Don’t Own Me. This lady still has it. This sure makes me feel old.

Then Lou Christie and Leslie Gore sings a duet, Since I Don’t Have You and It’s Only Make Believe. This sure brought back lots of memories.

Chubby Checker sings Pony Time and a medley of, Blueberry Hill, Good Golly Miss Molly, Sea Cruise, Whole Lotta Shakin Going On, Shake Rattle & Roll, Hound Dog, I Saw Her Standing There and Let’s Twist Again and finally The Twist. These sure made me want to stand up and dance like I use to as a teenager. It sure made me feel alive.

Fabian then is on stage singing Turn Me Loose. Then he has a few couples up on stage doing the twist to as he sings Tiger. He ends this segment with Old Time Rock & Roll.

The Crystals come out on stage with He’s a Rebel, He’s Sure the Boy I Love, Then He Kissed Me, and Da Doo Ron Ron.

The Diamonds entertain the audience by singing Silhouettes, The Stroll and Little Darlin`.

Little Anthony does an outstanding job singing Tears On My Pillow, Hurts So Bad and Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ka Bop. I can close my eyes and see myself dancing to these. He also performs I Think I’m Going Out Of My Head. This one was a surprise to me. It used to be one of my favorites too.

Next Fabian introduces Bo Diddley as the father of Rock and Roll. Diddley enters the stage with Come On, Hey Bo Diddley, I’m a Man, Bo Diddley Put the Rock into Rock & Roll (I really love the beat to this one). Once he left the stage he was called back and he does his wild dance for the audience.

Fabian, Bo Diddley, The Crystals, The Diamonds, Little Anthony, Lou Christie, Leslie Gore, Chubby Checker, and The Coasters all join together on the stage and end the concert with the song, Johnny B. Goode.

To me this DVD America’s Music Legacy – Rock `n Roll was one of the most entertaining concerts that I have seen in a long time. Once I started watching it I couldn’t stop. I was even late cooking dinner so my husband, Simon, who is great decided to cook for me. I could have paused it and come back to finish but I honestly got into it so much I didn’t want to.

I am from New Orleans and back in 1985 when this concert was held in Baton Rouge if I had known about it I would have been there myself. The total run time is 120 minutes but well worth the two hours listening. If you would like your copy of this fantastic DVD just click on the Amazon link above. It goes on sale on October 19, 2010 so you can pre-order it now.

My final thoughts would be: Rock `n Roll is here to stay and it will never die!

Jan Barrett

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