This is an interesting and argumentative view of the Pop world in the 1960’s. Was it the great turning point in modern music? Or was it merely a trip down a dead end street. Everyone has their own theory, were the Beetles masters of the art, and as such a great creative force, or were they merely pawns in the ever shifting music chess game. I think it boils down to ‘Cash versus Creativity’. I enjoyed this DVD a lot, it explores both sides of the equation. John Lennon espouses on how Pop is the new classical, Pop in his mind will replace the classical movement. Well, I have to disagree; I think that all forms of music have merits (well maybe with the exception of Rap).

This is a fascinating documentary, who could not love clips from Jimi Hendrex, The Who, Donovan, and Frank Zappa? Oh, and just for good measure there is a dose of Pink Floyd and Eric Burdon! Now if that is not a power packed list of stars I do not know what is.

While you don’t get to listen to whole tracks by any of these musicians, you do get to watch some never before seen video and audio.

If you are looking for great music, this may not be your best choice, but if you are looking for a thought provoking peek into a music phenomena, this might be just the DVD for you.

All My Loving is available from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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