As a young child I use to love going on family vacations but for us a vacation was going with my Dad during the summer holidays where ever he was working. He was in construction and during the school year he stayed out of town while Mom stayed home with us. When I was a teenager those family vacations were not as appealing to me as they use to be and I didn’t like being forced to go.

Aliens in the Attic is about a family from Michigan that goes on vacation for some good old fashioned togetherness at a three story holiday house in the middle of nowhere. Dad (Kevin Nealon) and Mom (Gillian Vigman) load the family of three kids up. There is 7 year old Hannah (Ashley Boettcher), 15 year old Tom (Carter Jenkins) who is a techno-geek who has let his grades in school fall and is not looking forward to this vacation, and the big sister, Bethany (Ashley Tisdale) who has a conniving boyfriend Ricky (Robert Hoffman).

aliens-in-the-attic-kids.jpgJoining the family for the vacation is Uncle Nate (Andy Richter), Nate’s son Jake (Austin Butler), Nana Rose (Doris Roberts) and 12 year old twins, Art (Henri Young) and Lee (Regan Young). Bethany’s boyfriend shows up and worms his way into an invitation to stay over night.

When something hits the satellite dish and cuts off the TV signal Ricky offers to go up on the roof and check it out but tells Dad he will need a helping hand so he gets Tom to go with him. What they find out there is what starts this vacation making it into an interesting adventure. Jake comes out there to help and they both find the aliens on the roof, one is a friendly critter, Sparks, and the mean on, the leader is Skip who’s sidekick is Razor a female alien soldier. When Ricky comes out to find out what the problem is, the aliens shoot him with a mind controlling device which they eventually find out is only effective on adults. Through Ricky the aliens communicate saying they are alien Zirkonians and they are there to claim their planet. When they start fighting the boys manage back into the house where the twins and Hannah are and they all see the aliens.

aliens-in-the-attic-tom.jpgThey decide it is best not to let their parents know about this because the aliens could shoot them and gain control over them and then the parents would turn on them. So the decision is made to take control of the aliens and get rid of them their self. Tom says the first rule in the alien code is that all aliens have a weakness. So they start from that.

I won’t give away how the movie ends and who the heroes end up being but I think if you watch it you won’t regret it. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I watched it twice.

Aliens in The Attic is a delightful family movie. If you are looking for the restricted part that always seem to gain the audience attention it is not here. I honestly found it very cute and pleasant to watch.

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Jan Barrett

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