I am the first to admit that I love a great mystery. Loch Ness is without doubt one of the most enduring. The story has its beginnings in the 7th century, it took until the 1930’s that Loch Ness really captured peoples attention. Nessie was born.

I have watched many documentaries about Nessie. One thing is clear, Nessie has the attention of the world. No one has a sensible answer. Millions of dollars have been spent searching for the elusive monster. Side scan sonar, submersibles, camping out on the lake shore with long range camera equipment. They have all been tried, but have always fell short.

There is something amazing about the possibility of there being something in the Loch. I doubt that my interest stems from science, it is just my natural inquisitive nature.

I am not sure that Alien Encounter At Loch Ness has anything new to offer. But it is well put together and certainly has some footage and interviews that I had not seen before. Alas they didn’t manage to lure Nessie into a one on one interview. I suspect that Nessie is camera and microphone shy.

This DVD is a must have for all Nessie fans. You can order your copy from Amazon using the link at the top of the page.

Simon Barrett

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