The story behind Aleister Crowley has always been of interest to me. He is best remembered as a writer and supporter of the dark arts. Certainly he deserves the title, but how did he get there? What drove Aleister Crowley to find solace in the world of Black Magic?

The chances are that we may never really know. Legend of the Beast gives one version.

What I really like about this movie is that you do not need to have ever heard of Aleister Crowley. You can take the movie at face value. Just a small adventure into a piece of fiction. Maybe it is!

I enjoyed Legend of the Beast, I am not sure that it is based on fact, but is presented it a way that makes one wonder.

The timing of this movie gives me pause for thought. Hollywood seems to be gung ho on Biblical themes at the moment. So, this likely is a good time to release an indie movie about the life and times of Aleister Crowley.

By no means do I agree with the thoughts that Crowley had, he was about as rational as David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Charlie Manson put together.

Legend of the Beast is well worth watching. It maybe is not what you expect. You can get your copy from the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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