Agatha Christie also known as the Queen of crime in the film industry gives us five more tales of mystery and murder, passion and peril, suspense and the supernatural in this 2 disc set, Agatha Christie Hour, Set 2. In July of 2010, I did a review on Agatha Christie Hour Set 1 which you can find here.

Set 2 has a great cast including, Rupert Everett, Amanda Redman, Ralph Bates, Stephanie Cole, Cherie Lunghi, and Christopher Cazenove. In this set we have the characters finding themselves the victims of false accusations, mixed up in illicit affairs, torn between duty and what their hearts want and under the thumb of employees with questionable motive.

The DVD set has a total of five different episodes.

1. Magnolia Blossom – Here we have a woman that finds herself in an unhappy marriage. She gets caught up in the middle of her husband and her lover and has to make a decision of which one she wants to be with.

2. The Mystery of the Blue Jar – A Law student seeks help from an expert psychiatrist when he seems to be the only one that can hear a woman yelling for help as she cried out murder. They investigate to find out just where the voice is coming from.

3. The Red Signal – When a séance tells of a death coming, a young man is accused of being the one that murdered his Uncle.

4. Jane in Search of a Job – An Englishwoman takes on a new job that is dangerous after he finds herself out of a job and late on her rent. She has to pose as a visiting duchess even though there is fear that an assassination has been planned for her.

5. The Manhood of Edward Robinson – A man that is engaged to be married decides to buy a sports car and drives off searching for a new adventure which goes against his normal conservative character.

Agatha Christie Hour Set 2 runs for approximately 260 minutes and Acorn Media will be releasing it on January 25, 2011. It also includes a bonus feature with a biography of Agatha Christie. To pre-order your own copy just click on the Amazon link above. If you are an Agatha Christie fan you won’t be sorry you ordered this set.

Jan Barrett

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