This is a DVD featuring three all-new star studded movies that should be on everyone’s shelf with the rest of their favorite DVD’s to watch. Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Movie Collection, Set 5 is a three disc set that goes on sale on July 27, 2010.

David Suchet returns in his role as Hercule Poirot, a Belgian sleuth with unsurpassed deductive powers and peerless viewer appeal, in three of Agatha Christie’s classics. Poirot has aired on ITV1 in the UK since 1989 and on PBS and A&E in the US. There are three different mysteries in this set that is sure to entertain you with approximately 275 minutes of pleasure plus a 47 minute bonus program.

The first mystery movie is the ever so famous, Murder On The Orient Express. I think just about everyone has heard of this movie. We find Hercule traveling from Istanbul to London aboard the luxurious Orient Express where he meets a ruthless businessman that offers him a large sum of money to expose the person that has been threatening his life. Poirot decides to turn down the man’s offer because he doesn’t really care for the man or his money, but later when the man is stabbed to death Poirot finds himself wanting to find the killer. Along with Poirot’s amateur sleuth friend Hastings, played by Samuel West, they start piecing together the events that lead up to the point when the man was killed. As with all Agatha Christie tales there is a twist at the end that will surprise you.This mystery guests stars Eileen Atkins, Toby Jones, Hugh Bonneville, and Barbara Hershey.

The next mystery we have Third Girl. We meet a distressed young heiress, Norma Restarick, played by Jemima Rooper, that goes to meet Poirot telling him about a murder that she fears she may have committed. Poirot decides to go to an old friend of his, crime novelist Ariadne Oliver, played by Zoe Wanamaker, to consult with Oliver lives in the same building as Norma and her two roommates. When Norma’s nanny as a child was found dead it appeared to be a suicide but is later proved it was murder instead. While Poirot searches for the killer, Norma’s family fears that Norma is losing her sanity.

The third and final mystery is called, Appointment with Death. In this movie Hercule goes on an archaeological expedition while looking for the skull of St. John the Baptist in the Syrian Desert. As their dig begins they discover something else. A more recent corpse that is identified as the body of Lady Boynton, who is the wife of expedition leader Lord Boynton, played by Tim Curry. After discovering this woman had made a lot of enemies in her lifetime Poirot has plenty of suspects to work with. He starts investigating stacks of history to find out which one of the suspects had enough motive to want to kill Lady Boynton.

I would really recommend this 3 disc DVD set, Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Movie Collection, Set 5 if you are one that enjoys a good mystery film. It will keep you in suspense throughout each mystery.

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Jan Barrett

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