Absolute Garbage

Remember Shirley Manson flying through the air shooting down planes in a desert landscape? That’s the video for the Garbage hit Special, probably one of their most memorable videos. Well, Garbage fans rejoice: now it’s available on DVD, along with 15 other videos and over an hour of backstage, live concert, and interview footage, on the new music video DVD Absolute Garbage being released in tandem with the cd of the same title and similar playlist.

By pop standards it’s been a while since Garbage topped the charts, but it hasn’t been that long since they made a permanent mark on the pop world with their artsy intense music and music videos. Led by Manson’s presence, each of these videos is “special” in its own way. From the black and white strangeness (“strangest of the strange”) of Queer to the polished glamour of The World is Not Enough, each video creates its own world around the song.

Although for the most part the videos are vaguely bleak and depressing, watching Manson switch styles and still maintain her unique weirdness is visually stimulating. In a world of youtube where everyone has access to these videos 24/7 for free, it’s still a treat to have them all included here on one DVD for viewing convenience. The extra documentary is a welcome bonus that follows their ten year career from popular newcomers to exhausted pros. Covering all four of their albums, the tours in between, and even their brief separation as a band through interviews, candid backstage footage, and live concert clips, this hour is the closest to the essence of Garbage fans can hope to come.

The only drawback here is that the video collection isn’t complete. There’s no video for Androgyny here and the video for When I Grow Up isn’t the one that most fans will remember from MTV, where Manson is prancing around in red and black dresses and white makeup. Clearly it’s still a privilege to have the rest of the videos gathered together for the first time, but these notable videos missing make Absolute Garbage less than absolute.

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