Do you like a good crime thriller program? If you say yes, then chances are you will enjoy this DVD set, Above Suspicion – Set 1.

We have a rookie detective joining the force, but on her first day on the job, they begin to wonder if she really has what it takes for this type of job, when she wears the wrong kind of shoes, she throws up at a crime scene and she faints at a postmortem. Anna Travis (Kelly Reilly) is determined to prove herself. Her boss, DCI James Langton (Ciaran Hinds) soon takes more than just a business interest in her, he starts to take it personal.

Above Suspicion – Set 1
comes with 2 discs that include 2 feature-length dramas, Above Suspicion (pilot) and The Red Dahlia. As a warning though it does contain violence, graphic images, coarse language and nudity.

Disc 1< – Above Suspicion
Part 1 – A serial killer has been on the loose for 8 years now. Each one comes with a brutal ritual each time. The most recent victim doesn’t seem to fit the pattern of the others but there is something that links her to the others. Anna volunteers to go undercover in order to try and catch the killer.

Part 2 – A prime suspect, an actor on the brink of stardom takes Anna to the ballet, after Langton approves of it. Anna manages to set a trap when a discovery is made at the home of one of the murder victims.

Disc 2 – The Red Dahlia
Part 1 – A horribly mutilated body of a young woman is found that has been drained of her blood. The women was murdered exactly like an unsolved Black Dahliaaa murder in Los Angeles in 1947/

Part 2 – When Anna gets too close to a journalist that the copycat killer has managed to involve in the case after a second victim is found. When Langton get mad he suspends Anna but she has her own reason to regret her attachment. They finally get a suspect, but the only problem is he apparently has an alibi.

Part 3 – Langton and Anna receive an anonymous tip which leads them to a deeply troubled family with long-buried secrets, a vain and arrogant father and a fiercely protective housekeeper. When the murderer is cornered the case comes to a shocking final turn.

Bonus features included here are behind the scenes segments for Above Suspicion and The Red Dahlia, cast interviews, photo galleries and more. If you would like to get a copy of this DVD set, Above Suspicion – Set 1 just click on the Amazon icon above and order one.

Jan Barrett

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