This is a heartwarming story enduring the love between and father and son in the mid-20th century Britain played by the screen legend himself, Laurence Olivier as Clifford Mortimer and Alan Bates playing Clifford’s son, John Mortimer.

Clifford Mortimer’s role is as the eccentric patriarch, a blind barrister that is so stubborn and cantankerous that he refuses to acknowledge his loss of sight. He just goes on in life settling for others to describe the beauty of nature to him.

John Mortimer however is the devoted son who follows in his fathers footsteps in the law as an attorney while deep down inside he really wants to be a writer. John marries Elizabeth, played by Jane Asher, and his relationship with his father continues with some conflict and sometimes even some times humorous events.

Clifford Mortimer refuses to let his blindness stop him in his career so he continues as an attorney in the courtroom with help from his family, Although John finds it not easy to deal with the bitter memories between his father and himself, he still seems to have a need for his father’s respect and love. Surprisingly enough this teaches him about how to love in return.

John Mortimer wrote A Voyage Around Father, using his own personal life as a divorce lawyer and his father’s divorce lawyer practice. The real John Mortimer unfortunately died in January of 2009 as has both of the leading actors in the film, Olivier in 1989 and Bates in 2003.

It was filmed at the location of John Mortimer’s estate in bucolic Oxfordshire and it received multiple awards including an International Emmy for best drama. It certainly captures the special bond between John Mortimer and his father even though at times it seemed unbearable, yet in the end it ultimately proves unbreakable.

The release date of A Voyage Round My Father, on DVD is on April 27, 2010. If you would like to get your copy of this DVD you can click on the Acorn icon above. I do hope you enjoy it when you do.

Jan Barrett

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