Programs filled with lots of police drama seem to always be interesting. Normally you can just about bet it won’t be boring at any time during the show. I use to sit at home and listen to my police scanner. I would always think how cool it would be to be a part of the police department so I could be involved in the drama that comes with it. I guess that is why I am always attracted to programs like A Mind To Kill.

In A Mind To Kill we have acclaimed actor, Philip Madoc returning as DCI Noel Bain. Bain is a Welsh detective that uses insight and intelligence to help him solve the crimes he is faced with.

This DVD set includes 8 feature length mysteries filled with complex plots and strongly drawn characters. A Mind To Kill aired on TV in the U.K. in the mid 1990’s and it was available with both English and Welsh language but it is now for the first time in the U.S. available on DVD.

To start the show we have DCI Noel Bain coming back to work after he had taken a leave of absence. When he returns he finds there have been a lot of changes done while he was gone. His old team had been disbanded making him feel like an anachronism in the penny pinching new department.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he finds that his own daughter has decided to join the force. She does get him back on track solving crimes with instinct intelligence and a passion for defending the innocent.

The 8 episodes included in this DVD set are:

1.    Shadow Falls
2.    Box
3.    The little House in the Forest
4.    Soundbites
5.    The Inner Life of Strangers
6.    Colour Blind
7.    Engineer
8.    Blood and Water

A Mind To Kill is a 4-Disc DVD set that runs for a total of approximately 776 minutes. Bonus Features include The Women of A Mind To Kill, notes from Ffion Wilkins, Sharon Morgan and Gillian Elisa. Also as a warning this DVD set does contain nudity and some graphic scenes.

A Mind To Kill goes on sale on April 15, 2011 so if you would like to get ahead of the game. Click on the Amazon link above to reserve your own copy.

Jan Barrett

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