Once again we have the acclaimed actor, Philip Madoc, in his role as the Welsh cop, DCI Noel Bain. Bain is decent man combating the worst aspects of human nature. In January 2010, I did a review on A Mind To Kill Series 1, which you can read here. Madoc continues his role as Bain in series 2, going as strong as ever in a powerhouse performance.

Noel Bain is what you would call a workaholic in this series about dark authentic drama. Bain uses his talent to solve difficult crimes but he does have a tendency to take sides with the underdogs. He finds himself facing cruelty, brutality, vengeance and greed but he still manages to remain a decent compassionate man and a good father to his teenage daughter, Hannah.

A Mind To Kill Series 2 has the talented detective investigating a brother’s suicide pact, a town where vigilante justice prevails, a seedy seaside resort and a murder in a Celtic burial ground. Bain even seeks revenge against the drunk driver that killed his wife 12 years ago.

There are 7 different episodes to entertain you in this series which are listed below:

  1. Bloodline – Bain has to wonder if the bodies of brothers have killed themselves in a suicide pact until they discover the body of the brother’s half-sister as well.
  2. Death Watch – When a body is found inside a burnt car Bain find himself in a town that honors the policy where vigilante justice rules.
  3. Game Plan – Bain investigates the murder of a woman but goes undercover. When his daughter, Hannah shows up while on vacation, it complicates things for him.
  4. Head of the Valleys – A local crime family seem likely suspects in the murder that is five years old after the body was found under a parking lot.
  5. Inheritance – A small town is turned into a battleground for business and local environmentalists leaving Bain to investigating violent murders in the area.
  6. Strange Territory – When a pretty teenager is found dead there are two main suspects who are the girl’s scorned boyfriend and a local psychic.
  7. Green Wounds – A fatal traffic accident stirs up Bain’s memory of his wife’s death in a similar type accident 12 years ago.

A Mind To Kill Series 2 debuts on October 19, 2010 and you won’t want to miss it if you enjoy good cop drama adventures. Philip Madoc is a man that has a career with five decades behind him. In this series the guest stars include Ioan Gruffudd, Richard Harrington, David Warner and Carol Drinkwater. The approximate run time for this 4-disc set is a total of about 664 minutes, plus bonus features. It also contains nudity and some graphic scenes.

To get your own copy of this cop-drama series just click on the Amazon link at the top of this page.

Jan Barrett

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