A Mind To Kill Series 1 comes in a 3 Volume Boxed set with 6 feature length mystery episodes running time of approximately 596 minutes total. It does contain nudity and some graphic scenes.

This DVD Set is made available to US audiences for the first time and debuts on February 2, 2010. It features intricate plots, strong drawn characters and gritty authenticity with the acclaimed actor Philip Madoc playing the part of an old-school cop tackling disturbing modern crimes. It aired in the UK for five seasons in the mid 1990’s.

We find a Welsh detective, Noel Bain who likes to solve crimes his own way. He doesn’t rely on science or technology. He goes with an unerring instinct, keen intelligence and a passion for defending the innocent. Bain is a workaholic that happens to be a widower. He struggles daily to protect his teenage daughter, Hannah from the world that he has grown to know only too well which is filled with horrific murders, brutal sex crimes and unrepentant villains.

Bain is portrayed as the brooding detective in this acclaimed drama set in Wales. . The guest stars include John Rhys-Davies from The Lord of the Rings and Sian Phillips from I, Claudius.

The six episodes include:

Black Silence – Bain is on the case about a prostitute that was murdered after she witnessed a scab beating by strikers.

White Rocks – Little Luke witnesses his mother being beaten to death with a hammer. When he runs he is helped but the caravan camp manager’s daughter who is deeply disturbed.

Gameboys – A child is found charred in a pig pit and he is confirmed to be a rent boy. A nearby local man hung himself in his suicide. Bain’s daughter thinks she has fallen in love with a rugby player.

Rest Not Secure – Bain’s daughter starts to resent her father for being a cop and goes somewhere that her father can’t find her. A gang style war gets Bain, a suspect and the suspect’s mother shot. Although Bain recovers he is still considered a prime target.

Son of His Works – A nude body is found after it had been run over, beaten and shot but it appears the victim dug his own grave first. A religious hippie compound, drugs, dollars, the victim’s daughter which are all near the murder scene all looks related.

Rachel Hardcastle – Hannah is not happy living with her cop father. Bain gets flirtatious with a concert pianist but when her husband is murdered it leaves Bain as a suspect in the murder.

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Jan Barrett

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