The Evil Within

Often a child that has been sexually abused by a parent or another adult figure will shut down inside and have trouble coping in the world as we see today. Some cope better than others though. Some hold back the anger inside them as they become an adult and eventually shift their anger to total strangers on the street.

This is what happened in this film, A Dark Place Inside. Young Andy Phillips, (Chris Dalbey) was apparently sexually abused by his father (played by Rob Dimension) beginning at a young age and even though his mother (played by Genoveva Rossi) was physically abused by the same man as well she still tried to give her son some sort of comfort.

Andy grew up and got a job at the post office in what appeared to be the mail room. He pretty much kept to himself but there was a man at work that continuously tried to become friends with him but Andy just wants to be alone. In reality Andy liked being left alone because this way he was free to stalk his female victims that appealed to him. He would stalk them and then take them home and kill them.

Andy had a strange obsession though. When he would kill his victims he would cut their hands and heads off and then keep the remaining torso for his pleasure afterwards. He would wrap each piece that had been cut off and carefully wrap it up in newspaper and plastic wrap then carry it down to the river and throw it in, so no one would ever find the body parts. He would keep the heads in huge jars at his home as trophies.

This is a clear description of what a disturbed man is like though. This film clearly shows us exactly what the deep dark places inside a person can really cause them to do when they start to come out. There is a lot of blood and gory scenes in this film.

I have posted a trailer of the movie below for you to view.

If you like what you saw in the trailer you can click on the Amazon link above and buy a copy of the film.

Jan Barrett

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