The DVD set, A Bit of a Do is the complete collection with 4 discs which includes 13 episodes with a running time of approximately 658 minutes plus a bonus. This is with an all-star cast in this satire of British snobbery and class consciousness. It is set in a small Yorkshire town where everyone knows everyone and to keep a secret is literally impossible.

We all have heard of a shotgun wedding before. Well in this DVD Collection Set that is exactly what we have. The wedding forces two families together which sets the stage for cheerfulness and heartache. We have the working class family, the Simcock’s and the middle class family, the Rodenhurst’s from different ends of the social spectrum but equally snobbish. The two families find they are forever linked when they meet at different functions such as weddings, a christening, a funeral and even the crowning of Miss Frozen Chicken. At each of these get togethers there is a calamity in the making caused by pride, jealousy, alcohol and lust.

In the first episode we have the wedding where the bride Jenny Rodenhurst (Sarah-Jane Holm) and groom Paul Simcock (David Thewlis) are carrying a secret from the family about her being pregnant. . The bride’s mother, Liz (Nicola Pagett) thinks of herself as “a flame with sexual hunger” and at the wedding she makes a pass at the bride’s father, Ted (David Janson).

At a dinner dance hosted by the dentist, that both the in-laws were invited to, Liz continues her flirting with Ted by blowing kisses towards him.

In each of the episodes we have an adventure and surprises. There are divorces, more weddings, a funeral but in the 13th episode there ends up 2 weddings on the same day and at the same place, making it way too many past issues in the same place together .

This collection has never aired in the US before so it will be the first time seen here when this DVD set goes on sale June 29, 2010. A Bit of a Do – Complete Collection is the winner of four British Awards including best television series and best actor and a BAFTA nomination for best actress, Gwen Taylor, who plays the groom’s mother, Rita.

All in all I find this DVD set an interesting one that is quite entertaining. Once you watch one you can’t wait for the next one to start. To get a copy for your own entertainment you can click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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