64 Zoo LaneCurrently airing on Nickelodeon Jr.’s Noggin network for preschoolers in the U.S. and on the BBC in the U.K., this cute little show from author An Vrombaut captures the adventures of a young girl named Lucy who lives next door to a zoo on the aptly-named 64 Zoo Lane. Each night, after a relatively lengthy theme song introduction, Lucy slides down the neck of Georgina the giraffe and visits her animal friends at the zoo. Typically Lucy tells the animals something she’s thinking about (perhaps she’s nervous about hanging out with older kids the next day) and the animals offer up a story to help her (like Adam the Armadillo’s tale of how being small can sometimes be beneficial).

The animation is original and engrossing (for preschoolers, that is). The bright colors and brighter storylines will keep kids engaged, while the lessons learned are sure to keep parents happy as well. Each episode tells the tale of a different animal in the zoo (Nelson the Elephant, Herbert the Warthog, Wally the Wombat, etc.) and each tale relates directly to a specific life lesson for kids (not being selfish, the benefits of music, etc.). The theme song is a little too long and sure to repeat in your head incessantly (“64, 64, 64 Zoo Lane”) but other than that, this show is likely to become a new favorite of your little ones.

For more information, check out the show’s website

Zach’s Rating: B
Perfect For: Tots who love animals
Stay Away if: You don’t want to have another kid show theme song stuck in your head for days

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