lizards_4211_cover.jpgYou may not be familiar with The Lizards, I certainly wasn’t. But then I discovered who they are. This is no ramshackle arrangement of musicians, this is an A One star studded cast.

Drummer Bobby Rondinelli is likely best known for his work with Black Sabbath, Vocalist and keyboard maestro Mike DiMeo played with Riot and Masterplan. They are joined by bassist Randy Pratt, who incidentally also plays the Harp, now there is a strange combo! The band is rounded out by guitarist Patrick Klein.

This is a no frills, solid Rock band. Their mission is to play hard rock, and play it well. Rock got derailed in the 80’s, too much glam, too much glitter, and bands became increasingly distant from their audience. The net result was that fans revolted and Punk was born. The Lizards represent what Rock is all about, they are a here and now, the are an in your face band.

The DVD features songs videoed in a variety of locations, some of which consist of them using a fairly small stage, and minimalistic lighting and special effects. They don’t need them! These guys are here to provide music, not a theatrical event.

The Lizards are no slouches when it come to releasing material, in the past four years they have had four critically acclaimed CD’s and Two DVD’s. 4.2.11 which incidentally is a thinly disguised reference to Spinal Tap, is well worth the price of admission.

You can get more information about the band on their web site, where you can also find ordering information. If you get the chance, take The Lizards out for a test drive, you will not be disappointed.

Simon Barrett

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