TV’s History Channel and A&E aired this series, 20th Century With Mike Wallace – Politics and Presidents but now on October 19, 2010 it will be available on DVD for your convenience of viewing in the pleasure of your home.

Topics that are always going to be around for centuries will be wars, assassinations, impeachments and political scandals, all which have really exploded in the 20th century. This DVD takes us where history occurred with reporters such as Edward Morrow, Walter Cronkite, Roger Mudd and many other well known journalists.

There are interviews with noted historians Doris Kearns and Michael Beschloss, journalists Hugh Sidey and Richard Reeves and a host of other experts. Also there are interviews with some of the principle players in the political dramas. It provides us with a fresh revealing perspective on the recent past.

This 3-Volume DVD set, 20th Century With Mike Wallace – Politics and Presidents, includes 10 different episodes covering subjects such as McCarthyism and Communism of the 1950’s at home, John F. Kennedy and the secrets kept in the White House while he was in office, Robert F. Kennedy’s assignation and all the chaos that came from  that. We learn of some of the inside stories of Presidents that were in a crisis and of diplomacy and conspiracy. We learn about Ronald Reagan as he went from actor to President and the Conservative Right that it generated, the impeachment of Clinton and all about the First ladies in the White House. Finally we hear about the good old Washington DC’s scandals, sex, money and power which are always interesting to hear about.

The 10 episodes are listed as:

  • Episode 1: Epidemic of Fear
  • Episode 2: JFK: A New Look
  • Episode 3: Assassination and Chaos: The Death os RFK and the ’68  Democratic Convention.
  • Episode 4: Presidents in Crisis: Johnson Quite and Nixon Resigns
  • Episode 5: Diplomacy and Conspiracy: President Nixon’s Trip to China and the Watergate Recovery.
  • Episode 6: Ronald Reagan and the Rise of the Right
  • Episode 7: The Impeachment of Clinton
  • Episode 8: First Ladies
  • Episode 9: Upstairs of the White House
  • Episode 10: Washington Scandals, Sex, Money and Power

Mike Wallace is better known as the groundbreaking CBS news magazine, 60 minutes. He has won over 20 Emmy’s, three Peabodys and lots of other awards throughout his distinguished career spanning more than 5 decades.

Bonus features included in this set include:

  • A 16 page viewer’s guide with questions to consider, Broadcasting’s Big Moments and more.
  • After Their Exits: updates on the fates of figures from 20th-century history.

The approximate run time for 20th Century With Mike Wallace – Politics and Presidents is about 470 minutes and it comes in a 3-Volume Boxed set. To get your copy of this DVD Set, just click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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