I have never been a huge fan of Stephen King, I’ll be honest with you, he scares me! 1408, starring John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson, is one of those deeply profound and disturbing movies, which is the reason I do not read much Stephen King, I like to sleep at night! With my protector and wife Jan at my side, I set out to have the living daylights scared out of me, and I was not wrong.

John Cusack plays the part of Mike Enslin, a writer with the penchant for debunking stories of the paranormal. The 1408 refers to a room at the opulent Dolphin Hotel in New York, this room has been the site for over 50 deaths though the years, some natural, and some most certainly not. Samuel L. Jackson is the suave hotelier Gerald Olin whose prime motivation is the protection of the hotels good name.

Mike is determined to spend a night in 1408 but must first get past gatekeeper Gerald. “No one has lasted more than an hour in 1408”, Gerald explains to the skeptical Mike. Invoking a little known local bylaw concerning travelers rights, our hero gains access to room 1408.

This is ‘psychological thriller’ taken to new heights and everyone turns in fine performances. This two disc collectors edition is really two movies for the price of one. Disc one contains the theatrical release, while disc two is the directors cut, which incidentally has a different ending to it, and one that we preferred. The photography is lush with rich tones, yet at the same time minimalist, with most of the action taking place within the hotel room. 

1408 hits the stores on October/2, or you can get your copy from Amazon.

Jan and I give this one ‘two sleepless nights’ up!

Simon Barrett


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