What do you know about Zines? I’ll bet the answer is not much. OK, I’ll give you the thumbnail sketch, a Zine is a self published magazine. Maybe the best way to describe them is that they were the precursor to the blog.

Zines have been around for a long time, and they are often a complete anathema to the average person. Could you imagine subscribing to a magazine about collecting shoes? Unless your name is Imelda Marcos the answer would likely be no. Zines started back in the 50’s, but it was the 90’s that got it into high gear. Cheap copying at Kinko’s and even cheaper copying at work on the big fast Xerox (while the boss wasn’t looking) suddenly created a huge Zine world.

Many of the Zines were personal, badly edited, hell who needs an editor, and if your budget per edition is $0, you can’t afford to rent an editor anyway!

$100 And A T-Shirt is a delightful look at the culture and the people involved. Zines are still in vogue, and if you go to your local indie record store, or bohemian coffee shop, I can pretty much guarantee that they will have some for sale.

As the DVD explains, Zines are not generally moneymaking schemes, they are a labor of love. And I appreciate people with passion. I have to admit that having watched this DVD I was ready to start my own Zine, but I am not sure that I have the time, and my wife Jan would likely become unglued if I take on any more projects.

A really fun DVD, and one that I can recommend, get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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