I have to admit that I love movies that have that ‘B’ tag on them, and without doubt when you add the tag Horror, to the ‘B’ you get something truly delightful. Think about it for a moment. How many huge horror, and Sci-fi movies has fizzled, and they have huge budgets. The ones that have endured the test of time are the ones that were made on a shoestring, and have obtained ‘cult’ status. No-one remembers the $200 million dollar Waterworld, but everyone knows Mad Max.

When it comes to horror, the same rings true. Big budget, low return. Low budget, big return! It is not how real the special effects are, it is all about how quirky the story is.

Gravestoned takes us into the relatively uncharted world of horror mixed with comedy. Michael McWillie is nothing if not an eclectic artist. He is most well known for his paintings, that always seem to involve the ‘Scotty dog’. They are all wonderful creations, a quick visit to his web site should reveal his almost obsession with the breed.

I heard through the grapevine that Michael McWillie had dropped his ‘scotties’ in favor of a horror/comedy movie. Well who can resist an offer like that? It is scheduled for a November 3 release on DVD, and prior to that a limited screening in some major cities. Who could resist  “Think of GRAVESTONED as CHEECH AND CHONG meets Jason from FRIDAY THE 13th on PINEAPPLE EXPRESS.” I knew I could not! Stoners meet horror, what could be better?

I decided to try Gravestoned out, my wife loves horror movies, this is her review:

Two guys that are out of work but by trade they are skilled at only one thing, growing pot, Coltrane (Ivan Jones) and Shark (Joe Glass) decide they want to work in the movie business. A director (James Esely) hires them to get him a prop for his new upcoming horror movie. He needs a severed arm and he needs it to looks as real and horrific as they can. They bring him several severed arms which do not satisfy him. The director says they do not look real. In desperation they turn to a man as their last resort that agrees to get an arm for them by stealing a corpse from the morgue and using a chainsaw to cut the arm off. The director is totally happy thinking this arm looks very real. He says even the blood looks real on it.

Coltrane and Shark are also given the pleasure of taking the director’s dog with them to care for and when they head to the cemetery to leave the arm, the dog jumps out their van and runs off so they have to go back and find him.

The director hires 4 women as actresses to play cheerleaders and four men to act in the movie which is set in a graveyard and at night. All meet up at the cemetery but none of them have a clue what is in store for them. Little do they know that in this cemetery there is a cadaver zombie running around looking for his severed arm and hell bent on getting it back taking care of anyone that gets in his way!

Alfred Hitchcock it is not! But not every movie has to be that way. Some movies are made just for fun, and this is one of them.

They have a great website that can be found here http://gravestonedmovie.com/castcrew.php
Filmed entirely in Texas, it is wonderful that Texas is where this movie will premiere. To catch a live screening they have set up the following:

Screening Cities and Dates
10/20        Dallas, TX         Studio Movie Grill        8:30 PM
10/21        Houston, TX     Studio Movie Grill        8:30 PM
11/03        Austin, TX        Dobie Theatre               8:30 PM

Gone With The Wind it may not be, but Gravestoned is a fun movie. I would say ‘one the whole family could enjoy’, but I likely would be telling lies, the Momma Bears will huff and puff, the Teenage boy bears on the other hand will love it! There is no sex or bad language, but it contains just enough suggestive content to titillate the youngun’s and annoy the old folks.

Although not yet released, you can pre-order from Amazon. There is also a web site worth a visit.

I am hoping to be interviewing filmmaker Michael McWillie in the next few days.

Simon Barrett (with special thanks to Jan Barrett)

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