Fans of this popular teen drama will enjoy the “The Best Years: The Complete First Season” just released on DVD.  The four-disk package includes over seventy minutes of exclusive bonus material.  “The Best Years: Behind the Drama” provides viewers an insider’s look at the making of the show, including interviews with Creator and Executive Producer Aaron Martin, and actors Charity Shea, Brandon Jay McLaren and the rest of the cast. This is a great behind-the-scenes opportunity to get to know more about the characters and everyone involved in making the characters come to life. Additional extras include b-roll footage, selections from the cast’s auditions/screen tests, and  outtakes and bloopers from the wrap reel.

“The Best Years ” follows Samantha Best as she starts her freshman year at the prestigious Charles University in Boston. She has been shuffled through the foster care system her entire life and arrives at the school looking forward to new opportunities and friendships. While her characterization is a bit out of the norm, some of the other characters are a bit too stereotypical; the bitchy roommate, the outcast, the stud, the good-guy who can never seem to get the girl but everyone wants as a friend.

Even so, it is easy to see how this show has gained popularity. It is every teen’s life in dramatic angst and reflects the real-world relationships that govern one’s place in young-adult social groups. The acting is strong across the board, and there are a few unexpected plot twists thrown into the mix just when the story is becoming a bit too predictable.  Those surprises include the accidental death of a student, family secrets, and redemption from unexpected sources.

Featuring a cast of many up-and-coming young stars, The Best Years features Niall Matter (Watchmen), Lauren Collins (Degrassi: The Next Generation) and Alan Van Sprang (Saw III) in its talented ensemble. They all work well together and  a wide variety of sub-plots keeps them all connected.

“The Best Years: The Complete First Season” comes from E1 Entertainment, (formerly KOCK Vision and is presented in anamorphic 16×9 for a suggested retail price of $49.98 srp.


Maryann Miller  —- Maryann’s Web site

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