For many years I have listened to experts talking about the plight of humanity, there are too many people and not enough food. The solution offered almost always involved harvesting the riches of the Oceans. But do the Oceans still have those riches to be found? That is very much the question that the award winning documentary The End Of The Line poses.

Narrated by Ted Danson the National Geographic team take us on an exploration of what is happening in the vast salt water regions of the world. Clearly technology is outstripping nature at an alarming rate.

In the 80’s the cry was ‘Save The Whales’, these majestic creatures were being hunted to extinction, indeed the world (with the exception of Japan) took heed and the whales for the most part are once again thriving. That same clarion call needs to be said of many other species.

Overfishing has decimated the fish stocks in many areas. Yes fish are a renewable resource, but not if you catch and kill them all! The Blue Fin Tuna is one of the species that are in real distress at the moment. This is the apex fish for gourmets across the world, sushi, grilled steaks, the Blue Fin is possibly the best tasting fish there is. The result of course has been for fisherman to hunt it almost to extinction.

I grew up in England, a place known for its Pubs, history, and the Fish & Chip shops. Battered and deep fried fish with fresh fried potatoes all wrapped up in yesterdays newspaper!  Take it home, put salt and malt vinegar on and you had a feast fit for a king. 30 years ago the fish was almost inevitably Cod, it was plentiful and cheap. The Cod stocks have been decimated, today it is a premium priced fish.

Fish farming is the answer, I hear you say. Well it is not. According to The End Of The Line some 40% of all wild fish caught go to making fish meal for farm fish! You are trading one issue for another.

The End Of The Line paints a rather bleak picture, if we continue to ‘strip mine’ the oceans there may be almost nothing left in 30 years.

You can order your copy of this very interesting and wonderfully videographed documentary by  clicking on the amazon link above. You can also get a taste for the program in this trailer.
Simon Barrett

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