Part documentary, part history lesson, part music, and part social commentary, this is a fascinating look at the history of reggae and the musical culture of Jamaica. If you look at almost every genre of music you find that it has its roots in social issues. The musical instruments are created from what is available, and the subject used in the vocals reflect the social condition.

Reggae is just that. Created out of slavery, it is a cry for freedom. This DVD is without doubt the finest history lesson that anyone could have. Using a mix of interviews and archival footage, historical pictures, and musical interludes, we get a picture of a very strange world. Slavery is an anathema to most modern westerners, yet not so many years ago it was common practice. Deep Roots Music is a real eye opener.

The plan is to produce a 6 part series, and this DVD covers the first 2 episodes. In my opinion it is so well done it could be from National Geographic. Although it was originally produced in the early 80’s (and some of the video quality bears that out), it is well worth a try. It is not often that you get to watch something that is both educational and musically rewarding.

You can get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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