Christmas presents are obviously a very personal thing. DVD’s are everywhere, there are millions to choose from, I guess you can view it as there being one for everyone! While most are mainstream and boring, Harry Potter etc, there are some delightfully unusual ones out there, you just have to fish around.

Here are some of my favorites that arrived on my doorstep recently:

Right out of the Jerry Springer world of the inane we have Profane. But what is not love about:

A psychedelic glimpse into the world of a young Muslim Dominatrix in the midst of a spiritual crisis!

To my knowledge there are very few women that hold the title of Muslim Dominatrix. The Muslim culture is hardly conducive to this kind of activity. It is no more than a guess, but I suspect this is a DVD that is not selling well in the Middle East!

Next on the ‘must have’ list would have to be Bloody Christmas. This DVD could well become a Christmas Special, replacing the rather old and tired TV classics that we get blasted with each year. Of course Bloody Christmas is slightly lacking in story line, and production quality. But it wins big in the stupidity category. A classic ‘B’ movie.

Of course not everyone is into Christmas themed movies. Some people prefer music. I have the perfect gift. I like all sorts of music, I am particularly fond of music from far flung parts of the world. It gives the listener a perspective of what is happening across the planet.

My current favorite, while not a Christmas oriented work, it is unique and would make a great present for any music fan. Yes folks, we are talking about Chinese Punk! OK, I have to admit that I was not sure how I would like Chinese Punk, I certainly do not like the western variation. Beijing Punk should be on the buy list for anyone that feels the urge to give themselves an at home frontal lobotomy.

One thing is clear, the world is still a very creative place. This is a good thing. Technology has advanced at such a rapid pace and prices for equipment dropped so much that Film Making is within the budget of the average person. A camera, a laptop computer and a $100 or so of editing software and you can be your own Spielberg.

Obviously none of the three projects I have talked about are likely to receive an Oscar nomination, but they are proof of the Spirit Of Man! Forget the $200 million box office hit, they are old and tired. Instead explore the largely untapped wealth of the Indie guys.

Simon Barrett

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