New Code of Behavior Has Amsterdam Police Ready for Court  

“Has to be Scope for Soft Drugs” 

Dutch Cops Just Want to Have Fun 

Drug police in Amsterdam are going to fight for their right to party.

The men in blue (or whatever color Dutch police wear) in Amsterdam, the largest city in the Netherlands, are up in arms over a new code of behavior that orders them to quit using drugs in their free time.

Actually they are in “open revolt.

The new rules, due to come in on January 1, have upset officers who patrol the city’s infamous coffee shops, where cannabis is smoked openly by locals and millions of tourists attracted by Amsterdam’s relaxed atmosphere.

It has been their duty for years to operate a policy of nonenforcement over the coffee shop culture. Now the police union will back its members in defying the cannabis ban. The union has vowed to bring a test case in court against the first officer to fall foul of the new rules, claiming that they amount to an unjustified intrusion into personal life.

Cops are people, too. They want to have some fun.

According to the head of the policemen’s union, the cops just “wanna be me”.

“Police should not be put in pigeonholes in which they can no longer be themselves,” said Hans van Duijn, the chairman of the Nederlandse Politie Bond, the police union. “If you allow people in the country to smoke [cannabis], you would be a hypocrite to say to the police officers, ‘You are not allowed to do that’.

Do the police expect to see the city in court?

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Dutch Drug Police Fight for Right to Smoke Pot


Dutch Drug Police Fight for Right to Smoke Pot

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