After a four year stint with the Chicago Cubs, Dusty Baker is FINALLY ousted!  Yes, he did manage the team into the playoffs, but it’s also debatable whether he mismanaged the same team right out of their first World Series appearance in almost a decade.  The team’s performance this year translated into the worst record in the National League.  Thus, it was hard to argue the fact that Dusty had to go. 

At this point his successor is unknown.  Reports have been made that if Lou Pinella wants the job, it’s his for the taking; however, the Yankees have expressed interest in his services as well.  If such is the case, he’d be foolish to go with the Chicago club.  Cub fans would be more pleased if Cubs executives did whatever it took to hire former Cubs catcher, Joe Girardi.  The first year manager managed a team comprised of mostly rookies to a respectable 78-84 record, twelve games better than the Cubs’ 66-96 record.  An even better candidate, with more baseball knowledge than all of the front runners combined, is Steve Stone.  Steve Stone becomes manager.  Imagine the headlines.  Imagine the buzz on the North Side.  Chicago would go insane.  If he were named the new manager the Cubs could post a 100 loss season and fans would still flock through the turnstiles.  This would never happen though, for he possesses to much knowledge to turn in a losing season.  He would inevitably make this team better.  But, given the bad blood between him and the team’s executives (which is mind boggling, not to mention frustrating, in and of itself), such a fantasy will never come true.  Bob Brenly is a viable option, and allegedly a front runner to inherit the job.  He managed the 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks to a World Series title. 

Regardless of who is named Dusty Baker’s successor, simply the fact tha the Cubs ridded themselves of yet another cancer (Baker) points to a step in the right direction.

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