A lawyer from the UK has recently spoken out about a new play that has recently premiered in the UK. The play is called ‘Dust’ and it centres around a landmark asbestos exposure case that the lawyer won for a mesothelioma victim in the 1990s.

The lawyer, who works for the firm Irwin Mitchell, has said that the new play, which premiered earlier this week, could help to raise awareness about asbestos exposure and its effects. The lawyer Adrian Budgen is head of the national asbestos litigation team at Irwin Mitchell.

He won a case for June Hancock in the middle of the 1990s. She developed the cancer after being exposed to asbestos dust and fibers when playing near to a factory in Leeds as a child. She won compensation in 1995 but passed away in 1997 from the cancer.

The play will centre around interviews and transcripts from the case, and its opening night was in West Yorkshire. There is now an asbestos research and support group set up in the name of June Hancock which provides support for victims and funding for further research into the disease.

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