According to a recent report DuPont has recently been found not guilty of negligence following the death of a former employee through asbestos exposure. The verdict came in the case of Willis Whisnant vs. DuPont , where the jury decided to side with the defendant in the case. The jury stated that DuPont was not negligent in this case.

The former employee used to work as a pipe fitter, working as an independent contractor for DuPont in the middle of the 1960s. In 1999 he died at the age of seventy two from the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma. Although it was decided that the firm had to take partial responsibility for the death of the former worker, no negligence was found on the part of the company.

The family of the decadent along with other affected plaintiffs involved in a class action lawsuit claimed that the firm was negligent in that it allowed malicious and purposeful exposure of workers to asbestos, which the plaintiffs stated was known as a deadly danger to company officials.

The verdict was not welcomed by the lawyer working on behalf of the plaintiffs, who had previously stated that the company should not be allowed to exist due to its poor asbestos policies in the past and due to its alleged negligence.

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