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Growing up in the spotlight, time’s haven’t always been simple for ‘Spiderman’ actress Kirsten Dunst, but since attending rehab the star claims she’s turned her life around for the better.

Dunst was treated for depression back in February, after checking in at ‘Utah’s Cirque Lodge Treatment Center’. Now eight months later, Dunst appears a lot healthier; having adopted a new ‘happy’ style of living.

Dunst recalled her rehab stint saying: “Everybody in life goes through obstacles in different times of their life, and this year was my difficult time.”

Dunst believes that rehab has helped to mature her, and was a vital step in her path.

“It’s part of life and it’s just called growing up.” The ‘Spiderman’ actress added.

With her new lifestyle, also came a new perspective for the young actress, who claims to now see “what is important and the bigger things in life”.

“What I have learned is if you make it out of this business and realize the whole bigger picture of it all, you are in a good spot,” says Dunst. “It’s just seeing what is important and the bigger things in life.”

Looking up to such Hollywood healthy role models as ‘Star Wars’ Natalie Portman, Dunst has opted for a more “quite and comfortable” lifestyle.

“It’s not healthy to live that kind of life,” she says. “I don’t live in the spotlight and I don’t live my life in front of the paparazzi. I live very comfortably and quietly as possible.”

“There are plenty of people who have made it.” She adds. “I think Natalie Portman is quite smart and has made the transition.”

With her life taking a turn for the better, Dunst is working now on picking her acting career back up – and writing a musical!

The actress – currently promoting her latest film ‘How to lose friends and alienate people’ – is a huge fan of the genre and is currently midway through writing one of her very own.

Obviously excited, the star reports: “I started to write a musical a few years ago and I’m going to get back into writing it. I’m not going to say what it’s about though.”

With Hollywood and it’s wild ways, it’s good to hear someone taking a step away from the bright lights and party-antics to work on being healthy and enjoying the finer things in life.

‘How To Lose Friends And Alienate People’ was released earlier this week in the U.S, and is scheduled for release in Australian cinemas later this month (October 23).

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