After a few dopey threats of mindless violence made by some stupid Muslims visiting an idiotic art exhibition in which practically everything being exhibited there was labeled dumb (the Kaaba in Mecca included), the dumb art gallery owners knuckled under and stupidly decided to close their simple-minded exhibition ahead of time.

This dim-witted decision was made after a group of numskull thugs demanded that the image with the Kaaba on it be removed immediately or else. It shows the famous black cubed structure in Mecca under the heading of “Dumb Stone” which is, admittedly, a dumb heading, but not nearly as dumb as the moronic reaction of the feebleminded simpletons demanding its removal, much less that of the dumb ox gallery owner dunces who then actually did it.

That the goofy Jewish Hasidic or whatever it is headwear on the poster right next to the Kaaba one is also labeled dumb – as is practically everything else hanging on the gallery’s walls next to it – escaped the numskull thugs’ attention, which is not really all that surprising once you consider just how dumb these guys really and truly must be, much less the gallery owners themselves, like I said.

And to top off all of this stupidity, the exhibition was organized by a Danish group of artists who say they want to oppose religious extremism. I mean, like how dumb is that? Who do these Danes think they are? Weren’t they just in the news recently about some other art crime somewhere or something? And what are they, I should ask, free to think and say whatever they wish? Not here, folks. Wo sind wir denn hier (where do they think they find themselves anyway)?

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