After the O.J. Simpson trial, DNA became the ultimate super hero in determining guilt.  It was the way so many criminals have been locked away in prisons and how some have been exonerated.  DNA rocks when it comes to conclusive evidence… then, again, maybe not.

The DNA of the three Lacrosse team members accused of rape did not match the DNA sample, presumably, that the authorities have.  That’s good right?  Well, it didn’t clear them and the case is going forward.  I do not understand this at all.

It was reported earlier by the woman who was with the accuser that fateful night, performing as strippers, that “rape was a crock, she was with me the whole time.”  Then the story changed to “…we were separated twice for about 5 to 10 minutes.  I wasn’t in the bathroom so I don’t know if there was a rape and can’t say.” Kim Roberts also said that the victim had never given any indication she’d been raped.  Something that traumatic happens to you, and you don’t just get up and act like nothing happened.

The victim complained of being severely hurt, yet there’s video of her performing at the strip club only days later.  Hurt?  Any insurance company’s personal injury PI will tell you “that just ain’t so!”

So what’s the problem?  Why is the case going forward, and why are the defense attorneys having to prepare for trial?  What is the basis?  How can the prosecutor even think that he’s got a good case when the DNA doesn’t match?  Taxpayers are paying for “Case Dismissed”, I’m afraid.

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