A stripper who accused three Duke University lacrosse players of assaulting her at a team party has cleared one of the men, according to court papers.

The accuser said in an interview last month with an investigator from District Attorney Mike Nifong’s office that Reade Seligmann only watched during the alleged attack. She said the other two men — Dave Evans and Collin Finnerty — asked Seligmann to participate, but he declined, stating that he was about to get married.

In the same interview, the woman said she wasn’t sure she was vaginally penetrated — a prerequesite for rape charges in North Carolina — which led to Nifong dropping rape charges against the three men. They still are charged with sexual offense and kidnapping.

A former prosecutor said on his blog that he is “utterly baffled and appalled” at how Nifong has handled the case.

“I already can’t understand how he looks himself in the mirror every day for the injustice and harm he’s caused to these 3 men,” the writer posted. “If the most recent contradictory statements by the “accuser” don’t cause him to drop the case, then in addition to the Ethics Complaint filed against him, someone should file a motion questioning his sanity.”

Last week, officials at Duke invited Seligmann and Finnerty back, a move the university’s president said is the fair thing to do. The men said the invitation was “vindicating”.

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