A black friend I asked about the incident had this to say “some white folk will let you get close but they never really respect you and some respect you but never let you get close”. 

“Racism to me is someone calling me a n*****” “because they do not respect me “ “whether we are close or not”. I listened to that tape; He sounds more like white trailer trash with some money cause he had himself a T.V show then someone who disrespects the black race”.   “Hell I wouldn’t want my daughter bringing him home, not because I think he’s a racist” “it’s because he comes off as cracker ass ignorant”.

I have to agree with my friend, Mr. Chapman seemed to express a great deal more about his Ego, prurient self interest, and lack of education then how deep his feelings run about the issue of race. Some have suggested Dogs tirade was really about “parental” concern over his son’s choice of a love interest. If that is so we can include really piss poor parenting skills to the mix.  

Unlike Don Imus the possibility of rehabilitating “Dogs” public image and landing another reality show is simply not going to happen.

African Americans may forgive Mr. Chapman for his insensitivity,  But they are justified in demanding he face consequences for the choices he makes that allow his expression to become public.

Racist’s love to criticize the double standard that allows black comedians and rappers to make millions spewing slurs,  while political correctness prohibits even the full spelling of such words much less uttering them even in reference.  It’s not so much a double standard as defining the ignorant amongst us,

An African American who uses race, gender or sexual orientation slurs is as ignorant as Duane Chapman and has the same right as Duane to sell his or her music or comedy routine to consumers willing to fork over the cash. 

At least that’s my view.

P.S. Burton 

You can e-mail burton@phoenixsentinel.com   

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