The ‘not quite todays star’ of Dog The Bounty Hunter story that has been doing the rounds just gets better and better. Duane ‘N-word’ Chapman has been sidelined by the A&E network for a wonderful audio outburst on his ever present cell phone, that the ‘well respected’ rag The National Enquirer in their usual muck raking style felt that they should share with the general populous, I can only imagine that it was a slow day for UFO and Elvis sightings!

As the explosion continues to get larger, we discover that it was the recipient of Dog Chapmans N-word laden diatribe that recorded the conversation, and out of frustration sold the N-word rich, and somewhat one sided conversation to the press. The exact sum has not been revealed, but I’ll bet it was for more than $100!

Our poor Dog now has a number of problems, the least of which is his status with A&E, he can always get a gig with XM satellite radio. I am sure that if he plays his cards right he could get an office right next to Howard Stern. Of course if he prefers TV there is CNN, he could become Lou Dobbs’ right hand man, Lou needs another racist friend. Lou could expand beyond his Hispanic phobia into a whole new world, no race would be safe!

The major problem that Duane Chapman faces though, are the Bobsy twins, and one of them is already on it. Al Sharpton issued a statement that he would be prepared to sit down with Dog and talk this thing through! I am sure that Bobsy twin number two, Jessie Jackson will not be far behind.

Let’s face it Dog, you are toast! I’d take a beating from A&E every time,  rather than having to talk to these bozos.

What bothers me about this entire adventure is the media reaction. Sure, Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman screwed up, but, the N-word is hardly an endangered species. If you spend any time in the community, and I work in a homeless shelter  so I get to see a lot, and meet the ethnic and social minorities. A term of endearment between young Black friends is ‘How you doin N-word’. It is apparently OK for them to say it, but not OK for us ‘white honky’s’ to use it.

I suspect that The Dog can climb his way out of this problem, a whole body makeover, dump the leathers, the mace, the braids, buy a nice suit, get the razor out, and have the hair cut. I am pretty sure that any Wal-Mart would employ him as a door greeter.

Simon Barrett

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