Just about every major news source is carrying the story about Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman’s telephone outburst that the National Enquirer broke yesterday on their Web site. And a little later A&E announcing suspension on production of season five of Dog The Bounty Hunter while it investigates the issue. Another supposedly sanctimonious born again Christian using less than Christian words was my first thought on the whole deal. This is the guy that that we see getting his motley band of urban gorillas (misspelled on purpose) to pray before setting off to create havoc in some of the poorer neighborhoods in town.

While the TV show rarely features our militia family engaged in violence, we certainly do get to see lots of bullying and coercion used, usually on the victims friends and family. Certainly if Dog and his pups tried that on me the cops would be on my phones speed dial button. So from that standpoint alone, I for one think it is great that he gets some comeuppance.

However, and it is a big however. Where did this recording of Dog using the dreaded N-word, not once, but repeatedly come from? I find it somewhat hard to believe that either he or his son recorded the conversation, so it must have been a third party.

Sure, some enterprising investigative muck-raker could have used a parabolic mike, but that would only catch one side of the conversation, the other option is would be an 800 megahertz scanner and they caught it off air. But that would be a million to one chance of finding the right channel. Anyway you cut it, there are a lot of questions to be answered.

Not least of which is the legality of this tape.

I never thought I would see the day when I supported Duane Chapman in anything. I disagree with his credo, I disagree with his mission, I just out and out don’t like the man! But I hate to see privacy invaded, even though that is something he does to other people, two wrongs do not make a right.

Simon Barrett


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