Poor Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman seems to have out run his welcome with the A&E channel. To be honest, I never felt that Dog qualified as either Art or Entertainment. Lets face it, the show revolved around an aging hippie dressed up like a comic book character chasing down the low lives of Hawaii. With the show canceled, what will our hero do?

The MSM (Main Stream Media) has hung poor Dog out to dry. Personally I have no use for people like Duane Chapman. The whole realm of ‘bounty hunting’ sounds like a career I would steer my kids away from. But the big question is why did the MSM climb on Dog? Dog used the N-word, so what? I have two kids, they are adults, they have both heard the N-word, and they both choose to not use it. My wife Jan and I have heard the word, and it is not one that have in our general vocabulary, but it does not bother us if we hear it.

While I thought it was unfair that he might spend ‘time’ in Mexico, after all, all he did was violate the countries laws, and essentially kidnap his victim! Flagrant violations of another counties laws is never a good thing. Apparently Mexico has lost interest in extraditing this bastion of justice to face the reality of his actions.

Lets face it, Duane Chapman has the attraction of road-kill. He will make the front cover of all of the MSM weeklies, but is he worth the page space? The short answer is “No”. The Dog alas will probably come out of this unscathed, and he and his family of thugs will be cruising around looking for vagrants to intimdate.

Based on the history of other recent media miscreants, Duane Chapman will come out of this unfortunately smelling like a rose, rather than a pile of Doggy-doo. I am sure XM satellite radio already has a studio set up for him, maybe next to Howard Stern? And no doubt one of the sleazier cable operations will pick up the TV aspects. I’ll also bet that publishers are banging his door down for a book deal!

Who knows, with all of this extra revenue maybe he will be able to buy a razor, get his hair cut, and buy some new clothes at Wal Mart.

Simon Barrett


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