In a blogger news network exclusive it can be revealed the National enquirer and A&E net work may be the apparent targets of an alleged financial and contractual Hoax. Concocted by Duane Dog the bounty hunter Chapman himself.

Insiders claim the alleged motive is an attempt to avoid contractual obligations with A&E network and defraud the National enquirer out of money by staging the entire infamous tape recorded racial tirade.

Reliable sources at A&E speaking off the record report Duane Chapman’s particular reference to the National enquirer in the tape itself set off red flags for those investigating the controversy.

“Very peculiar that someone in the middle of some very serious issues related to contractual obligations with the network becomes the center of a firestorm that requires the network to show him the door” remarked the insider who was not at liberty to give specifics pending further investigation.

A close pal of Chapman claims the entire incident was planned from the get go.” Dog has some financial problems” said the Buddy “that so called “conversation” was staged.

Did Duane Chapman and members of his family conspire to create a controversy in order to misdirect A&E and walk away with a pile of cash to boot?

A source close to the story reports Video tapes and still photos showing Chapman family members in intimate social gatherings are about to surface and poke holes in the elder Chapman’s recorded claims he disapproves of interracial dating.

If these allegations develop into substantive fact Dog the bounty hunter may face some serious civil liability if not criminal consequences for attempting to perpetuate a financial hoax against the National Enquirer and A&E network.

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