For once this might not be Dog’s problem, but he appears to have been crossed off the Christmas Card list of Missouri based insurance company Safety National Casualty Corp because of a $75,000 problem.

The $75k problem is named Marco Antonio Padilla, who with two open felony cases, was bonded out April 17, 2007, using Homeward Bound Bail Bonds, the bulk of the bond money being guaranteed by the St. Louis insurance company. Alas being convicted of being a methamphetimine dealer tends to carry a pretty hefty jail sentence. Mr Padilla opted to skip the the boring aspect of turning up in court, maybe his suit wasn’t back from the dry cleaners, or maybe he did not relish the idea of a prolonged vacation at the governments expense?

The judge was less than pleased with the ‘no show’ in his courtroom and naturally ordered the bond revoked. Like whining children the the insurance company Safety National Casualty Corp  “ asked to be absolved of its responsibility to pay back the $75,000 in a mid-December motion”.

Needless to say, the judge did not go along with this idea, and instead has given Safety National until May/26 to come up with the money.

It is difficult to figure out the exact set of circumstances, but, court records indicate that that the insurance company hired Duane “Dog” Chapman and his puppies, to track down Padilla.

Once again using less than scientific sources it seems that our now rehabilitated A&E star and his assortment of misfits in S&M outfits were in the area at the time of the events. The Pavlov emulators  apparently told law enforcement that they were going to ‘ help local law enforcement clean up the methamphetamine problem that is kind of like running rampant up here.’

Apparently while in Mesa County the Doggie Posse did round up a number of miscreants, likely elderly folks crossing the road too slowly with their walkers. News reports are sketchy at best, but apparently neither A&E nor the Dog Pound want to comment about this particular show or when it might air.

Week after boring week we get to see this band of idiots dressed like Rambo at an S&M ball, and week after week we get the same boring story, but they always get their man. Well folks, apparently this time they did not.

Marco Antonio Padilla seems have eluded Dog Chapman. While it is almost certain that the Cameramen from A&E were following Dog and the pups on this Colorado adventure it will be interesting to see if the A&E producers will use footage of Duane “Dog” Chapman failing in a bounty hunting quest.

Personally I am waiting for the day that he bangs on someones door and they open it holding a can of Mace and tell him that he, and the pups have 5 seconds to get off their property! Now that would be a show worth watching, and I’ll bet he will need a Pooper Scooper!




Simon Barrett

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