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Clock ticking on Vegas water supply

The Southern Nevada Water Authority has some bad news for Sin City.  In about 3 years, give or take, the taps could be going dry in Las Vegas.  Pumps at Lake Mead, the city’s primary water source, need to upgraded immediately, at a cost of $45 million dollars.  Problem is, those pumps are a bit larger than the ones in an average basement, and change overs to machinery that huge don’t work well with the term ‘immediate’.

There are plans to pump in water from a neighboring county, but that pipeline could be 5 years away.  3 is less than 5.  Do the math.  A conservation campaign will be unveiled in the coming month, but conservation won’t be the cure this time.  Even if all the water projects on the books are completed on time, that won’t do the trick either.  Estimates are, that by the year 2010, supply will run short by roughly 64 million gallons… a day.

Wonder how much bottled water it would take to fill all those swimming pools?

News Source: Las Vegas Now

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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