In a recent radio program I explored the subject of crime in Las Vegas. One of the subjects that cropped up was the prevalence of drugs. Using a similar panel to last time, today we are going to delve into the the world of drugs and addictions.

Todays expert panel will consist of:

Bestselling author and crime writer Denny Griffin. Denny was an investigator in New York for many years, he now lives in Las Vegas and specializes in books about crime.  His book ‘The Battle For Las Vegas’ is an authoritative look at the history of the city and how Organized crime was finally defeated. His most recent book is ‘Cullotta’, a definitive biography of the Mafia kingpin Frank Cullotta.

Jay Rankin is the author of ‘Under The Neon Sky’, an autobiographical work that explores the 6 years that he worked at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas as a night doorman. Drugs of one shape or another were very much a part of his life.

Andrew DiDonato was a member of the New York Gambino crime family, one of his responsibilities was the establishment of a drug highway reaching from San Diego to New York. He is about to release both a book and a DVD documentary titled Surviving The Mob. I had the good fortune to preview some of the raw footage and all I can say is that it is chilling.

Vito Colucci is a renowned Private Investigator who has been involved with many high profile cases. Prior to this he was in law enforcement working as a Narcotic’s Detective and Undercover Organized Crime Investigator. Vito is also the author of the newly released book “Inside the Private Eyes of a PI.”

Armando Aldazabal is a successful author who has two very drug oriented nevels in print, Cocaine Memoires, and What You Are Turning Me Into. He grew up in Southern Florida and watched in horror as friends and family sank into the clutches of the drug world.

I am certain that this is going to be an entertaining and interesting program. It will be on air at noon central (1pm eastern) the link to listen in live is here. With a panel like this, who knows what direction the the discussion will take.

Simon Barrett

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