A Father Resolves a Marital Dispute by Throwing Four Children to their Deaths

Authorities are searching over 100-sq mile area, with waters as Deep as 80 Feet

Lam Luong’s Past Drug Use Cited

Were Drugs Involved?

What’s the logical thing to do if you get into a dispute with your wife?

If you’re Lam Luong, you toss your four young children off a bridge to their apparent deaths.

Luong, angered after an argument with his wife confessed to the deed authorities said Wednesay as they searched the dark, swirling waters for the children’s bodies
Lam Luong, 37, who is charged with four counts of capital murder, told authorities Tuesday night that he drove to the Dauphin Island bridge and dropped the children from a span that reaches 80 feet in places, said Detective Scott Rivera.

Luong came to coastal Alabama from Vietnam in 1984 and worked in the commercial fishing industry as a shrimper, Police Chief John Joyner and a relative said. He had argued with his wife, Ngoc Phan, before taking the children, he said.
The missing and presumed dead children:
4-month-old Danny Luong;
1-year-old Lindsey Luong;
2-year-old Hannah Luong;
3-year-old Ryan Phan.

Although Phan is not the man’s biological child, he met the same fate as Luong’s own children. Phan was raised by Luong from infancy, authorities said.

Authorities were searching a 100-square-mile area and waters as deep as 55 feet. The search included divers and cadaver dogs in small boats, as well as three helicopters, Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran said.

“Joyner said he feared the search of the Intracoastal Waterway below the bridge would be hampered by bad weather and choppy waters. The bridge extends from the mainland to Dauphin Island, which lies between the waterway and the Gulf of Mexico.

How big a part did Luong’s reported drug use play in the tragedy?

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Father Throws Four Children from Bridge; All Presumed Dead

Father Throws Four Children from Bridge; All Presumed Dead

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