Drug Warriors Select a New Target

Hershey’s Ice Breakers Look Like Crack Cocaine?

“Clueless” is Used as an Unintended Description

“Drop the Ice Breakers and step away from the car.”

It would’ve been mildly amusing if it had been satire. After searching the story to see if it was intended to be a humor piece, “Mint or Drug: Is Hershey’s Cracked?” by Jill Porter, Philadelphia Daily News, one is overcome by a sadden resignation.
Have drug alarmists no shame?
Their focus is on a familiar law-breaker: Hershey’s.

The offending candy? Ice Breakers that are so similar to crack cocaine in appearance that–what?

A serious story about several decidedly un-serious people who pose as serious.

FAMILY COURT Judge Lori Dumas Brooks wanted to make sure she wasn’t overreacting.

So she held the small blue packet of powdered substance in her palm and showed it around at work yesterday.

Everyone asked the same thing:

What was she doing with crack cocaine?

Why is it that every time someone over-reacts, they start by saying “I don’t want to over-react”?

The story continues in a National Lampoon-like manner, with the writer joining in the fun.
“I thought she confiscated it in the courtroom,” said Administrative Judge Kevin Dougherty.

No one could believe what the tiny pouch actually was: a new breath mint made by – get this – Hershey’s.

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Drug Death, Thy Name is Hershey’s


Drug Death, Thy Name is Hershey’s

Mint or Drug: Is Hershey’s Cracked?

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